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At GURNER™, we strive to be a responsible, aspirational lifestyle and design brand. As we create opportunities for people to live their best lives, we carefully consider our potential impact. 

Our Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) position illustrates a measurable commitment to a more sustainable real estate industry, in the interest of our loyal customers, our communities and the environment. Our main ESG pillars are:

“We’ve designed net-zero carbon developments, which are pushing GURNER™ Group to where we want to be, while also advancing our vision for the future of Melbourne as a city and the kind of developer we want to be.”

Alex Fin, Design Director GURNER™ Group


We are pushing for the industry to embrace carbon neutrality as the norm, with a plan to achieve this by 2030. We are doing everything we can at this moment to make our concrete contribution as early as possible. We aim to join RE100, a global initiative committed to using 100% renewable energy by 2025.


The GURNER™ portfolio will soon be fully digitalised with continuous collection of consumption data, analysed on a central data platform. Smart electricity meters are installed to provide cumulative consumption data for all buildings in real-time. Digital consumption recording is indispensable for increasing building efficiency while reducing emission levels and costs. 

We have reduced water demands in all our buildings by installing only the most efficient and effective water saving equipment and appliances, and target a 4-star or above NABERS water ratings. We are also focused on reducing operational and construction waste to the landfill, targeting zero waste by 2035. We achieve this by working with like-minded partners. Our rigorous tendering and selection process is renowned in the industry, where a key criterion is our partners’ ability to commit to our high standards. 


Diversity encompasses much more than gender as GURNER™ management positions have been held by women from day one in the business and people are employed for their talent and valued contribution rather than gender. We are paying attention to all aspects of diversity by establishing the GURNER FOUNDATION in 2021. Still in its early days, it was created to support local projects, associations and organisations that work for children and young people.


We are developing social impact measurement protocols to focus on long-term positive impact in our communities. We source consumables from local vendors within the communities in which we operate, and support social enterprises through our procurement process.  


The safety, health and wellbeing of our people, partners, customers, and suppliers remain as top priorities in our operations. We are also committed to the UNGC (United Nations Global Compact) principles and measure progress against key areas of human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption activities.


Clear and transparent Corporate Governance is the basis of every business relationship. Annual compliance and governance training courses for employees and a declaration of ethics are central and recurring elements of our culture. 

GURNER™ is committedto achieving and maintaining net zero carbon status across all upcoming projects. In line with global best practice, this includes eliminating the use of gas, while procuring 100% GreenPower, providing a renewable energy equivalent for its buildings.
Where carbon emissions not completely avoidable, they are offset through high quality programs from the Climate Active Eligible Offset Units list. Electric car charging facilities and e-Bikes further encourage residents to embrace carbon-free motoring and commuting.
  • Climate active building certification – carbon neutral.
  • No Natural gas connection to building (Limiting fossil fuel usage).
  • Equivalent green star 5 star design & as built rating v1.2 assessment
  • Nathers 7 star development average with 5.5 star minimum for individual apartments
  • All electrical appliances installed by the gurnertm to have an energy star rating within
  • I star of best available at the time of construction
  • All Developments must achieve a 4star nabers for apartment buildings rating as part
  • of the carbon neutral climate active certification.
  • Nabers compliant energy and water submeters in all developments