Artwork by Tim gurner’s daughter, M. Gurner (Aged 8).


Tim and Aimee Gurner started the GURNER™ Foundation in 2021, with a focus on areas that have personally affected those in the family and the wider GURNER™ Group business: cancer, bullying, inequality and more.

In the midst of Melbourne’s first lockdown, Tim, Aimee and their two children discussed the global devastation of COVID-19, the future of the planet and the hardships facing the world. Whilst the GURNER™ Foundation is a relatively new initiative, the GURNER™ team sat down together post the COVID-19 lockdown to discuss how they could focus their energies on evolving past philanthropic donations and fundraisers into something that could deliver steady and long-lasting benefit and impact for causes and people in need.

We’re in the early stages of building our foundation so if you have a cause close to your heart that you’d like to chat about, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team info@gurnerfoundation.com.au

“It’s incredibly important for me To shift our focus for the future world
— the most important heritage and legacy we’re leaving behind.”

Tim gurner