208-226 Harbour Esplanade

Elysium Fields is an ambitious venture by GURNER™ in collaboration with City Harbour. Poised to transform Melbourne's skyline and the Docklands precinct, this world-first luxury wellness hub will set a new benchmark for the city's waterfront with its innovative fusion of modern health, ancient wisdom and neuroscience. This futuristic development is designed to be a haven for utopian living, offering residents access to groundbreaking anti-ageing treatments. From cryotherapy and various sauna therapies to advanced medical diagnostics including MRIs and DEXA scans, Elysium Fields will cater to a wide spectrum of health and wellness needs. The inclusion of the Elysium Reverse-Ageing Medical Clinic within the precinct further allows for personalised health plans and treatments, ensuring that wellness is not just a concept but a way of life for residents. Perfectly positioned, Elysium Fields bridges the city core with the scenic Docklands waterfront, marking a pivotal junction between the bustling CBD and the vibrant western suburbs.

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